Hollaback Transit Ads Project

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How would you cultivate a deeper relationship with the community you’d like to serve?


HollabackPHILLY is a branch of an international movement to end the problem of street harassment. Street harassment is sexual harassment by strangers in public places. This can include catcalls, whistling, leering, following, and other unwanted behaviors. The Philadelphia community of women and LGBT individuals is deeply affected by this problem, but there is little recognition of the term “street harassment” and most people still view it as an inevitable part of life. We seek to cultivate a deeper relationship with the Philadelphia community by sparking conversations about what street harassment is, how it negatively affects our daily lives, and what people can do when they see it happening. We hope that a successful transit media project in Philadelphia will lead to citywide collaboration to end street harassment, and the development of a both a PSA and solution model to be implemented by anti-street harassment organizations worldwide (notably, our International Hollaback! network).

How would you use the $1,000 to turn your idea into a reality?

With $1,000, we will place thought-provoking ads in Philadelphia subway lines to spark dialogue on the problem of street harassment and provide practical suggestions for bystander intervention. Since over 65,000 people use the subway system every month, this will allow large scale connection with our community. This effort will familiarize the general public with the term “street harassment,” open dialogue, and connect people with resources. The advertising company is so excited about our project they are working with us to maximize the ad space we are able to purchase for the broadest reach and level of community engagement. This funding will enable our project to expand to a more saturated campaign with widespread impact.

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by gujamari
about 3 years ago | Reply

I've got your back!!!
Way to go HollabackPhilly!

by Andrea Clarke
over 3 years ago | Reply

This is great! Best of luck to your team!

by klkocher
over 3 years ago | Reply

$1,000 and Echoing Green’s 'Work on Purpose' book
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